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MCIA RAMS: General Information

The center was established in 1997 according to the Presidium of RAMS in the form of non-commercial partnership. At this time the main goal was to increase the efficiency of using the resources of clinical scientific centers by the means of attracting additional customers of high-technological medical care. During these years the experience of our work has proved its utility and direct economic effect of MCIA RAMS activity as private-state partnership.

MCIA RAMS practical work in the regions of the Russian Federation is aimed at acquisition of objective information about the needs of the population in high-technological medical care and providing them with the information about the accessibility of medical services in huge clinical centers through the Federal medical inquiry.

An important section of our work is rendering of billing (accounting) functions and systematic integration of IT-programs in the clinical centers and regional medical facilities.

During the preparation of the annual statistical reports and reviews for the Presidium of RAMS the following are taken into account:

  • Medical-statistic and economic-financial indexes;
  • Quality indicators of health care;
  • New technologies, methods of development and applying telecommunication net and IP-telephony;
  • Electronic Document Management System markers;
  • Availability of information security system.